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Three-year-old girl releases her first picture book ? Superhero Faith ? teaching children the importance of showing love, kindness and compassion to others

TORONTO, March 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a world that seems terribly challenging right now, three-year-old Faith has an important message to share: "Love your family, your family loves you."

Faith also shares the importance of showing kindness, love, compassion and sympathy to others in her first picture book, Superhero Faith, set for release on March 16. In the book, Superhero Faith and her trusty sidekick, Sparkle, a real-life Australian cattle dog mix, go on all sorts of adventures to rescue her grandmother from a sore tummy, being too hot, losing her cane and, worst of all, Brussels sprouts. Faith's grandmother was battling cancer and is currently in recovery.

Faith loves listening to stories, says her mom, Delisa. She often takes the story and adds herself into it. One night, Faith whispered to her mom that she was a "superhero doctor" and asked her mom to write down her adventures and put them into a book.

Superhero Faith "encourages children to see that the little things in life matter, inspiring children to recognize that they are superheroes when they show kindness, love, compassion and sympathy toward themselves and others," Delisa says.

All the actions that Superhero Faith and Sparkle do in the story, Faith herself did to show kindness and love to her grandmother when she was ill.

The book shows children the importance of being true to their authentic self, "to see and understand that acts of kindness and support to friends and family make their world and those they help a better place," Delisa says.

Superhero Faith comes out on March 16. Order your copy of the book now by visiting www.faithandsparklesworld.com.

Delisa and Faith are available for interviews to speak about Faith's first book, the importance of being kind and compassionate, and encouraging your children to dream big.

About the author:
Faith is a creative young girl who loves life. She enjoys learning new languages (French and Spanish), making music, experimenting with Mad Science, studying jiu-jitsu (she is in ninja training), being outside and generally just being loving, caring, kind, curious and adventurous ? with the occasional bit of sass.

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