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Actor's Corner Café News Release : "Time Gates, The Intuitive Art of Santo Cervello"


SOLVANG, Calif., June 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Distribution of Art Books by Ingram Sparks. Through our global distribution network "Time Gates, The Intuitive Art of Santo Cervello," is available to 40,000 retailers.                                                                      

Canadian Actor Santo Cervello moved to Solvang, California and within ten years he created more than 800 art images based on the subject of Time Gates. Many creative people with their wonderful talents lived near Solvang, California. President Ronald Regan`s Ranch, is here. Dean Martin`s Castle by the river and Michael Jackson's Never Land, was here. The location is blessed with rolling hills near the ocean, olive trees, vineyards, and sunny fields with beautiful magical horses. What a wonderful place to create a dream.

Foreword from the book by Grace Lebecka:

An artist stands up in response to the needs of the time. Each art piece speaks for itself. The common thread is the truth of what I call: Santo's intuitive, clairvoyant, and sometimes prophetic downloads. While viewing the images, you will be taken into a vast and deep territory through realms of the collective and personal unconscious. It is an ocean, full of colorful characters, abstract forms, powerful archetypal forces and cosmic powers. Santo's art reminds us that time exists on a vertical scale of, past, present and future, interweaving and talking to each other. Explore a breath taking journey and enjoy a visionary, colorful theatre of art, while crossing through the Time Gates. Volumes two and five will be published soon.

About the Author

Santo Cervello, has worked as actor-director and writer-producer in Canadian Theatre presenting innovative and transformative drama that reached millions of people in Canada, the US and Great Britain. He wrote plays for the CBC and BBC radio and a TV series for Singapore Television and performed in Carnegie Recital Hall in New York City. In 1972 Mr. Cervello established the Erewhon Theatre which awakened passions and created vibrant trends in Canadian Theatre until 2011. With his wife Grace, they now live in California and are busy creating the Actor's Corner Café franchise, expanding into the art museum - gallery.


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