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Utopia VR Enters the Metaverse, Releasing Its Mobile App in the Apple Store to Enable Users to Power Avatar-Driven Virtual Meetings, Social Meetups and Live Events

KELOWNA, British Columbia, Sept. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  via InvestorWire -- Utopia VR ("Utopia VR" or the "Company") has positioned itself to capitalize on worldwide market share of the Metaverse with the release of its Apple mobile app. Utopia VR's app enables users to personalize their own 3D environments and then schedule business meetings or social meetups in seconds through a proprietary link management system.

Utopia VR's "The Metaverse for Everyonetm" is a one-click, web-based, avatar-driven, mobile-friendly audio and videoconferencing platform that utilizes innovative 3D web technology. Utopia VR's free virtual platform works on all relevant devices: PC, mobile and VR headsets such as Oculus Quest or HTC Vive.

A preview of Utopia's virtual MetaVeRse can be experienced at: Utopia VR MetaVeRse

At present, the Company has 36 virtual 3D room (VRoomtm) options, with new environments being added on a regular basis.

Utopia VR's app is now available for all iPhone and iPad users. The Company's website mirrors the app, which means users can access Utopia VR directly from a PC, laptop, tablet or VR headset without downloading the app. Utopia VR's Android version is anticipated to be released in Q1 of 2022.

Utopia VR's technology does not require a download or installation when users are invited to attend a VRoomtm meeting. The receiver of an invitation simply clicks on a web link to access the environment. Users can use their mobile app or log in to their online user account at www.utopiavr.com to schedule or attend a meeting or social meetup. The Company is currently featuring a selection of 36 virtual rooms (VRooms tm) for registered subscribers to use on an unlimited basis during Utopia VR's global prelaunch.

Stuart Gray, president and co-founder of Utopia VR, stated, "With our mobile app and integrated website mirroring functionality, Utopia VR has positioned itself to be a market leader among the technology giants all vying for market share in the Metaverse. Utopia VR has already been recognized as a standout leader in the high-quality design of three-dimensional virtual environments. In addition, the consistent feedback the Company has received is that Utopia VR is the easiest to use and most versatile virtual platform available today. Utopia VR offers far more engagement and collaboration than a traditional Zoom meeting. Utopia VR is truly The Metaverse for EveryoneTM since our service is web-based and works on all devices without the need to download software." 

Cory Braden, Utopia VR CTO, said, "The Metaverse for Everyonetm is a collection of 3D worlds that users explore as avatars. Individual users or companies can outfit their own private virtual rooms with pictures, videos, PowerPoint presentations or even 3D objects. You can permanently pin the objects, therefore making your virtual environments live forever! After subscribing, a user can create their own marketplace for e-commerce ? both physical and digital products ? or even upload and sell their own NFTs in one of their own virtual galleries."

Members of Utopia VR navigate through the various VRoomtm environments by using avatars; users can walk, talk and sit ? just like they do in the real world. A user's avatar can be controlled with a computer keyboard, smartphone or virtual reality headset such as Oculus Quest or HTC Vive. Text chat, voice and video can be used to communicate with others. For important meetings and presentations, users can also import audio, video, 3D pictures, animated objects, PDF files and their favourite NFTs by simply dragging and dropping their file into a VRoomtm or by pasting a link from media platforms such as YouTube.

Kevin Vincent, VP of international sales for Utopia VR, said, "Over the past six months, I've toured hundreds of individuals from around the globe through our platform, and their instantaneous reactions underline our excitement. ?This is so simple' or ?This is a way better experience than (other online meeting systems)' were common from everyone who has experienced Utopia VR."

Utopia VR will continue to offer an "all-free service" to users after the Company enters the launch phase in the next few months. When the Company launches, exciting, feature-rich paid packages will also be available.

David Martin, VP of global operations, said, "I was fortunate enough to be involved in companies leading the charge in global digital disruption over the past 20 years. I believe the transition from today's one-dimensional websites and mobile phones over to tomorrow's three-dimensional, web-based representation and expression will be more dramatic. This technology advancement will be looked back upon as an instrumental pivot point that greatly influenced a new way of interacting and a brand-new digital future."

Timmu Tõke, CEO and co-founder of Wolf3d, designer of the avatars utilized in Utopia VR's VRoomstm, stated, "Last year made it clear that remote collaboration is going to be the future of work. We are excited to work with companies like Utopia VR that make these immersive tools a reality today. Utopia VR has joined our growing list of 500+ companies who are integrating Ready Player Me avatars into their apps and games. Users of the platform can travel between these experiences using a consistent digital identity."

About Utopia VR (Apex VR Holdings Inc.)

Apex VR Holdings Inc. (Apex) is doing business as Utopia VR. Apex is a diversified remote tech solutions company. The members of the Apex management team have extensive experience in technology and innovation and have been employed or worked in third-party capacities with technology companies such as Microsoft and Skype. In addition, the management team members have backgrounds in both the private and public financial markets and have led junior-listed public offerings for companies that have realized billion-dollar market valuations. 

"The Metaverse for Everyonetm," "VRoomtm," "VRoomstm"

"Stuart Gray"

For Media inquiries
Office: 250-868-0787

Tech journalists are invited to interview Mr. Gray and produce stories while experiencing the Utopia VR platform.  

For sales, business development and general inquiries

email: kevin@utopiavr.com

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email: jazmin@utopiavr.com

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email:  cory@utopiavr.com

For more information, visit our website: www.utopiavr.com  

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