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vEmpire Announces Official Antara Strategy Game

LONDON, Dec. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via Blockchain Wire) vEmpire (http://www.v-empire.digital/), a project dedicated to restoring fairness to the Metaverse, has partnered with The Antara Universe to develop the official Antara strategy game based on the upcoming $50M "Antara" feature film, the first Hollywood Movie in history supported by NFTs. The Antara film is part of a broader transmedia rollout by the Arabian Camels community, and also includes the "Antara Strategy Game," developed by vEmpire. Both Antara IP and vEmpire understand the importance of building utility for NFT projects, so holders of the Arabian Camels and The Founding Soldiers, vEmpire's NFT series, will automatically qualify to be gifted tokens for the official Antara game via an airdrop. 

The Antara film will be supported by the sale of new upcoming Movie NFTs, which will be a sequel to the original Arabian Camels NFT collection of 12,012 uniquely generated digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.  

The first iteration of Arabian Camels (Gen 1) available on OpenSea, provides added boosts and benefits for gameplay such as the ability to use Camels to conduct raids in the game. Players who don't own Camels can also effectively rent them from the NFT holders to enable more advanced & potentially higher-yielding gameplay. The upcoming Gen 2 Arabian Camels Movie NFTs will include exclusive rights to the Antara movie, allowing for shared ownership of the IP. Demand for the NFTs is expected to increase exponentially given the launch of the game and movie in the coming months. 

"vEmpire DDAO was an easy choice to partner with for our game production. vEmpire has the unique ability and experience in not just one, but across all of the major Metaverses. Alongside this, their own gaming experience and multidimensional thinking gives us a broader scope when choosing where Antara can put its roots down," said Alexander Amartei, producer of Antara.

"It's a great honor to partner and be involved in a project that will go down in history as the first of its kind. At vEmpire, we understand that NFTs are a disruptive technology that will significantly improve a multitude of industries. Developing the official game for a historic feature film, that will change the landscape of how movies are produced, is something that we're very excited and proud to be involved with," commented vEmpire founder Dom Ryder.

This is a monumental achievement for vEmpire as it signifies another major partnership, this time partnering with a historic project, to develop the first blockchain-based game based on the first feature film supported by NFTs. This will help vEmpire expand its reach in the metaverse and benefit from any tokens launched for the game and in-game revenue generation.

The Arabian Camels NFTs are available on OpenSea and the new upcoming Movie NFTs, soon to be released, will enable NFT holders to own partial movie rights to the film. 

More information surrounding the upcoming Antara film can be found on the official website or by joining the Arabian Camels Discord community.


About vEmpire
vEmpire is focused on achieving true decentralization in the cryptocurrency industry. The official vEmpire platform incorporates different staking strategies to incentivize metaversal token staking to fund the battle against centralization. The protocol financially rewards stakers with the native VEMP token alongside rewards in the token originally staked. This enables vEmpire to financially reward those bold enough to stand up against centralized powers. vEmpire has also developed a blockchain-based trading card game, where users can battle each other, in engaging and exciting ways, to earn better rewards.

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About Antara
Antara is a feature film directed by one of the most sought-after Hollywood Directors, that covers the life and adventures of Antara Ibn Shaddad, a desert warrior from ancient pre-Islamic Arabia. The film is the first big-budget film to be supported by NFTs, before its theater and streaming debut, as well as the first NFT to facilitate the part ownership of IP. As part of the ?Antara IP' a transmedia rollout, the film is a part of a franchise that includes sequels, a crypto-infused ?Assassins Creed Styled' multi-player game, a comic, and a strong brand with a long term merchandising and licensing strategy.

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