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New Art Renaissance: "The Golden Time Gates" Volume IV

SOLVANG, Calif., Feb. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- "Time Gates, The Intuitive Art of Santo Cervello - Volume III & lV," is a Golden Hardcover Edition.

The New Art Renaissance has arrived, giving birth and forging through the extraordinary period of the global pandemic which carries a new promise and vision of our cultural trends. 

Historically, humanity has been here before. An Artist stands up to the response of the time and projects into the future both an individual and collective vision. Santo's voice through art, painting, written and the spoken word is heard. It is documented that civilizations have thrived through giving art, culture, and education their respectful place.

Foreword by Grace Lebecka

New Arts Renaissance:

"The Golden Time Gates" Volume IV 

Santo's art work takes you within the inner chambers of your own being. So, I concentrated solely on the sense of hearing through my vision and while I was going inside these images, I put on an amplifier to my ears and listened.

Surprisingly, I could actually hear the forces of nature, the splashing rivers, and the roaring waves of ocean currents along with other noises.  

These images are the reflecting mirrors of wind, fire and space, echoing the voices and disturbances of our world. These sounds I call ?metallic intersections'.  

Santo takes his audience into the Sound Seeker's Journey. There are swarms of forces striving to overpower each other, struggling to be heard. Shrieking vibrations of anger and destruction, closely followed by whispering voices of persistent calmness and compassion.

Through Santo's art, we hear the silence of snowflakes falling, the singing of a mountain bird and the sound of a red rose growing in Jane Walker's garden. Then, we stumble upon the realms of Below and Above - we find ourselves sinking into the abyss and, before long, soaring into deep cosmic space. Here we encounter various characters. We meet the forces of cosmos and nature all connected to vibrations of amplified fields.

It is the hero's journey of the Sound Seeker, who passes through the Kingdoms of the Queen, the Lords of the Underworld and of Heaven. He plunges into space and dives into the deep waters of earth, to arrive and define the sound vibration of Peace for our world.

About the Author & Artist

In 2011 before opening the Actor's Corner Café, Santo and his wife Grace, were creating the art museum. The five volumes of "Time Gates" by Santo Cervello hold almost seven hundred art images. This compelling work of art is interwoven with fiction, drama, poetry, and philosophical discourses. It is as if you enter, a very unique theater, where everything brims with rich imagery, and vibrancy.

Santo Cervello has worked as actor-director and writer-producer in Canadian Theatre presenting innovative and transformative drama that reached millions of people in Canada, the US, and Great Britain. He wrote plays for the CBC and BBC radio and a TV series for Singapore Television and performed in Carnegie Recital Hall in New York City.

In 1972 Mr. Cervello established the Erewhon Theatre which awakened passions and created vibrant trends in Canadian Theatre until 2011. With his wife Grace, they now live in California and are currently working on the upcoming "Time Gates": Volume III and IV.

All five volumes of Time Gates reflect a diverse, professional background of its author: from an actor/director/producer/chef to an intuitive art painter/writer/philosopher and an entrepreneur.

For more information, please check: https://www.actorscornercafe.com/.

Distribution of Art Books by Ingram Sparks. Through our global distribution network "Time Gates, The Intuitive Art of Santo Cervello," volumes: I, II and V are now available to 40,000 retailers and can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and etc.

Special Thanks, to Palmetto Publishing Staff for their wonderful work.

Santo Cervello
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