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Row Into Waves of Flavour This Dragon Boat Festival with These Must-Try Dumplings

TORONTO and VANCOUVER, BC, June 2, 2022 /CNW/ - It's time once again for the return of the annual Dragon Boat Festival, a Chinese festival that dates back to roughly 450 BCE. It is celebrated annually to honour Qu Yuan, a patriotic poet hailing from China, and is a fun, cheerful holiday enjoyed through many games and activities. However, the highlight of this annual festival is the highly anticipated traditional dragon boat races, from which the festival gets its name.

While the Dragon Boat Festival originates in China, other Asian countries such as Japan, Vietnam, and Korea have their own versions of it, and rice dumplings are equally relevant to their shared cultural history. It's true?the key to everyone's heart during this festival is dumplings (also called zongzi).

These mouth-watering dishes are stuffed with a selection of sweet or savoury fillings in bamboo-leaf wrapped bundles of explosive flavour. They truly are an irreplaceable and essential festival treat, with every bite building on their amazing flavours. Not to mention that they offer the true taste of tradition.

This year, T&T Supermarket is going all out with new items on its menu. After all, what better way to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival than with a wide selection of delicious dumplings for everyone to enjoy?

Buddha Temptations Rice Dumpling

This is a zongzi made with ingredients that are as exotic as they are appetizing. There truly are so many flavours to uncover with each bite, yet the savoury combination is perfection from the moment that it touches your tongue. The Buddha Temptations Rice Dumpling undoubtedly explores (and fully embraces) the fantasy of food. It's no wonder that this house special is a chef signature, renowned to be a supreme delicacy!

Stewed Pork Rice Dumpling

Made with carefully selected RWA pork belly, the quality ingredients of this zongzi are wrapped in lotus leaves to envelop your tastebuds and nostrils alike in an incredible combination of both aroma and flavour. Discovering the taste of the Stewed Pork Rice Dumpling is savoury, and you'll find that it's the perfect option when you're really hungry. Its nostalgic flavours are as good as a mother's home cooking or a distant childhood memory.

Taiwanese Egg Yolk & Pork Rice Dumpling

A delicious taste of Asia, the Taiwanese Egg Yolk & Pork Rice Dumpling is not a dish to be missed this year. As an indispensable treat that makes the Dragon Boat Festival special and attractive, each sticky zongzi is prepared with care. With each bite taken of this delicacy, this fact is undeniable. The opportunity to try the glutinous rice combined with ingredients like stir-fried shallots, high-grade pork, and salted egg yolk (among others) cannot be passed!

Peach Rice Dumpling with Agar Jelly Pearls

Delicious, sweet, and sticky, the Peach Rice Dumpling with Agar Jelly Pearls is a part of T&T's brand-new bubble tea (BBT) dumpling line. In fact, it's filled with jelly pearls made of juicy white peaches from Aomori, Japan. With BBT making waves across Asia and the wider world, it has found its way to many sweet and savoury dishes, including these amazing zongzi. Why not give this delectable dish a try and see why it has everyone talking?

Cocoa Flavour Rice Dumpling with Crunchy Pearls

For people seeking zongzi that are delicious, sweet, and addictingly chocolatey, the Cocoa Flavour Rice Dumpling with Crunchy Pearls will quickly become a go-to. The East meets the West with every bite of these sweet treats, as they are loaded with chewy boba pearls atop an exquisite chocolate rice dumpling, offering bite after swoon-worthy bite.

While we've listed some of our top contenders of T&T Supermarket's yummy dumpling varieties, there are plenty more to try, all of which are worthy of being included on your meal-planning list for watching this year's Dragon Boat Festivities. However, if you prefer to make your own rice dumplings from scratch, you can find all the ingredients to do so at your local T&T, too!

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