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Fabrique 1840 Award 2022 Winners Announced

QUEBEC CITY, June 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Once again this year, the response to Simons' Fabrique 1840 Award has shown the vibrancy and momentum of Canadian creativity. The award aims to shine a light on the next generation of artisans and the wealth of talent across the country. This second edition has unearthed brilliant local artisans and demonstrated the public's growing appetite for handmade objects, authenticity, innovation, and individuality.

The 23 creations selected by our jury are captivating, impressive, and moving. The level of quality, inventiveness, and craftsmanship is so high that any one of the finalists could have taken home one of the two $10,000 awards. Fabrique 1840 exists to support the next generation of Canadian artisans and to foster creative diversity, and that's what we're celebrating today?the desire to put yourself out there and make a go of it, to build a legacy, to dare to create.

Emerging Canadian Artist Award ($10,?000)

Montreal, Quebec
Conan Multiple Life Vase

This one-of-a-kind decor piece is the captivating and intriguing result of a patiently crafted shape that exemplifies the ideals of its two creators, Guy Snover and Daniel Martinez. Modelled using 3D printing and recycled and recyclable plastic, the vase is part of a clever circular model that aims to divert plastic waste from nature?it serves as an elegant counterpoint to the overconsumption of furniture and decor.

"I believe that Cyrc. has exhibited a greater range of creative exploration among the goods that they are producing thus far. I also see that they have plans to develop furniture, which seems timely given the global supply chain issues that not only relate to the lack of resources but also the lack of qualified talent. Furthermore, the environmental component is a great part of their story and 3D printing is very ?now,' with no signs of slowing down."

? Amanda Hamilton, jury member, founding interior designer and creative director of Amanda Hamilton Interior Design and Palette Archives

"We don't have words to describe how happy we are feeling right now. This award means a lot to us and the progress of our brand and mission. We are encouraged to see how good design can succeed. It reflects that there is a window for a change in consumer behaviour. People want better options to fight the current environmental crisis we have created. We are committed to our cause and will continue to scale our brand through our principles.

"Thank you to Fabrique 1840 for believing in our brand. We are moving to our new studio on September 1, where we will centralize manufacturing, marketing, and operations. We will use this award to increase our production capacity and improve our studio. This will allow us to concentrate on bringing more circular products to people's homes and increase our impact."

? Guy Snover and Daniel Martinez, Cyrc.

The jury would also like to recognize the exemplary craftsmanship of modj?l, who was neck and neck with Cyrc. for its Odyssey leather bag. Self-taught leatherworker Stephen Brown has refined his art with patience and passion, honing his skills during visits to Japan to learn from a renowned master leatherworker. The detail and care in crafting the bag as well as the impeccable quality of the materials has earned him an honourable mention.

Indigenous Artist Award ($10,?000)

Inuvik, Northwest Territories
Tuktoyaktuk Skies Earrings

These pieces of jewellery featuring beads individually woven using the traditional brick stitch technique portray Tuktoyaktuk beneath the infinite polar sky. The final result embodies the designer's deep-seated love for her Inuvialuit culture, her community on the shores of the Arctic Ocean, and the vastness of nature all around her.

Inuvialuk artist Erica Lugt has earned this award for the strong and self-assured yet delicate way she tells nuanced stories through her colourful art. The jury was compelled by her sensitive, artistic interpretation of the arctic sky and her mastery of beading. Another consideration was the fact that SHE WAS A FREE SPIRIT is a relatively new workshop, since the primary mission of the Fabrique 1840 Award is to foster emerging talent and help Canadian artisans grow their businesses.

"It is with great pride for my hard work as well as passion and love of my Inuvialuit culture that I accept this award. It comes with such a feeling of honour to have this recognition on such a national level for my design, which I stand proudly behind: Tuktoyaktuk Skies. To connect with people through my love of what I do has been the most gratifying experience and I look forward to continuing to spread a lot more of SHE WAS A FREE SPIRIT's love.  

"This award will help me so much. Because where I live is so remote, it is very expensive to ship anything this far north. I will use this award to bulk shop for supplies and to finally complete my creative space, SHE WAS A FREE SPIRIT HQ, both professionally and cosmetically. I feel truly blessed!

"If you work hard enough, believe in yourself, and add passion to the mix... doors do open! Quyananni (thank you) Fabrique 1840 and Simons for this huge honour."



Interest in the Fabrique 1840 Award and Canadian artisans is thriving: nearly 10,000 people cast votes for their favourite entries. Some found their favourite creators, while others discovered new and inspiring craftspeople.

Home Category
L'Assomption, Quebec
Shell grow-with-me swing
A shining example of forward thinking, this eco-friendly design is one your little ones can continue to enjoy as they grow!

Fashion Accessories Category
Vox & Oz
Beloeil, Quebec
Oasis earrings
Made of ultralight 3D-printed nylon, these earrings are like a refreshing and invigorating wave that beautifully suits the 21st-century woman.

The two winners of the People's Choice Awards will each receive a marketing toolkit that includes professional photos for 10 of their products, as well as a feature on the simons.ca home page and the Simons newsletter. These prizes are designed to increase these businesses' online visibility, which these days is essential to their growth.

About Fabrique 1840
Simons, a fashion destination since 1840, makes its unique expertise available to Canadian creators through Fabrique 1840, which it launched in the fall of 2018. This online platform is a place to celebrate and support creativity, culture, community, and leadership?fundamental values written in Simons' DNA. It's a showcase for over 230 talented creators and craftspeople who explore all artistic fields, including interior decor, fashion accessories, stationery, and leatherworking. Fabrique 1840 brings together all the best Canada has to offer: artisans at the top of their game.

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