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Golden Book of Art - "Time Gates" by Santo Cervello. Volume V is available on Kindle eBooks for free, from August 1st to August 5th, 2022. Thousands of printed books in five "Time Gate" volumes can be ordered at your request.

SOLVANG, Calif., Aug. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- We have just received notice that our final two volumes of "Time Gates" are being uploaded into the worldwide Ingram Sparks computer printing centre. The Palmetto Publishing Team has been excellent to work with. They were presented with more than 800 scanned images of art and they produced five volumes of four books. The completed project has been computerized for the media and book printing marketplace and is now available for purchase by anyone.  Check out Amazon and other sites as well, on the web.

More than 650 works of art were selected for this project. We the people are flesh and bones. We all have past, present, and future lives and these art images are time gates that will lead us to know this truth. We work for peace on earth and not war. We work to help and not to harm each other. We stand up to the lies, the tricks, and the unkind thoughts for self-power.

Stand Alone Spirit by Santo Cervello - Volume II
The above image entitled "Stand Alone Spirit" was created on a day with a soft yellow glow of light, coming from a south-facing window on the third floor of our museum building. "This light is calling out for something," was my thought. I sat down and began to sketch. Within minutes the shape of the image presented itself as if it was always there. Life and death seemed to stand side by side through the light of the room. It was, you may say, euphoric.

The image was finished quickly with only the background needing more work. I remember the water was a challenge to complete. The water seemed to want more and more and it was never enough until it was just right. This water has a need to speak through the spirit of the image and so I listened. I looked into the water to see the many images appear and disappear. Will "Time Gates" be seen and understood? Will people buy this book?

Patel, the ancient teacher appears by Santo Cervello - Volume I
Mr. Patel is a person who came with an understanding of the ancient world. Mr. Patel is a kind and quiet gentleman. He offers the ancient teaching to a group of people each Tuesday night. He has performed this task for more than 40 years. There is no money exchange.

The students listen, and then ask questions and the answers flow through him and to us. It is a simple format of learning yet it provokes a war with each person. Doubts of not knowing, not understanding the ancient laws, and believing the workings of the universe. It is no easy task to prove and trust the truth within oneself and to follow through with it in life with clarity.

In 1995 - I joined this group of good people and in 2007, the image of Patel the teacher appeared. In only a few hours, I sketched out the inner aura and the energy forms that were held within Mr. Patel's life at that time. The image can be viewed by clicking on the Actor's Corner Café website and blog: https://actorscornercafe.com/category/blog/. I always thank Mr. Petal for his kind and wonderful service and for helping to make our world better.

The Chocolate World of art image by Santo Cervello
This "Chocolate World" was selected not to be in this book collection, but it was delicious and lots of fun to create. This chocolate world was and is something like our earth where all things in chocolate lands are there to be eaten. Not a single morsel of this delicious chocolate will go to waste. It is on my blog. For a few dollars, you will be able to order a large print of this image soon. Make a reservation.

It is not easy to present such a large work of art and to present these images in such a way for the world to see them and for you, the buyer, to buy these books for your home, with a click of a button. The books arrive, in just a few days, and by viewing these images you become one of us, working for peace and for good through this understanding that we are all energy time gates. This is where we are today and it is not just me, not just one person. It is you and all of us and our universe is alive. Wow.

About The Artist and Author
Santo Cervello has worked as actor-director and writer-producer in Canadian Theatre presenting innovative and transformative drama that reached millions of people in Canada, the US, and Great Britain. He wrote plays for the CBC and BBC radio and a TV series for Singapore Television and performed in Carnegie Recital Hall in New York City. In 1972 Mr. Cervello established the Erewhon Theatre which awakened passions and created vibrant trends in Canadian Theatre until 2011. With his wife Grace, they now live in California and are currently working on marketing the "Time Gates" - volumes I to V.

The five volumes of "Time Gates" reflect a diverse, professional background of the author: from an actor/director/producer/chef to an intuitive art painter/writer/philosopher and an entrepreneur. More than 800 images of art have been produced in the time span, between 2007 and 2022. This compelling work of art is interwoven with fiction, drama, poetry, and philosophical discourses. It is as if you enter a very unique theater, where everything brims with rich imagery, and vibrancy. For more information, please check: Santo Cervello, Artist/Author/Owner of Actor's Corner Cafe/Art Museum Complex and amazon.com/author/santo.cervello-artist  

Distribution of Art Books by Ingram Sparks. Through our global distribution network "Time Gates, The Intuitive Art of Santo Cervello," volumes: I, II, III, IV, and V are now available to 40,000 retailers. You can buy them on Amazon in paperback, hardcover and through Kindle eBooks.

Source: Santo Cervello, Artist/Author/Owner of Actor's Corner Cafe/Art Museum Complex

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