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Widex broadens hearing aid appeal with Widex SoundRelax for tinnitus management, improved relaxation and wellbeing

TORONTO, Sept. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Widex is building on the success of its revolutionary family of intelligent Widex Momenttm hearing devices to introduce Widex Moment Sheertm, a hearing aid that not only helps users hear better, it can help users relax as well. The new device features PureSoundtm technology for unparalleled natural sounding hearing, as well as acoustically superior ear-tips, more versatile AI personalization, a new design, and Widex SoundRelax, a new palette of fractal sounds designed to manage tinnitus and to support relaxation, concentration, and wellbeing.

Built upon the legacy of its broader approach to managing tinnitus - Widex Zen Therapy - Widex SoundRelax uses fractal mathematics to create constantly changing, soothing tones and harmonic melodies that never repeat, to relax the mind and aid concentration. Widex Zen Therapy also includes counseling, amplification, and relaxation techniques.

"We're becoming increasingly aware of the effects stress can have on our minds and bodies, and so finding new and innovative ways to relax has never been more important," said Andre Marcoux, Vice President Audiology and Product Management at Widex Canada. "With Moment Sheer, we've expanded our fractal sound stimulation universe to introduce a great new palette of fractal sounds designed to go beyond tinnitus management to relax the mind and aid concentration. We're hopeful it will also further open the door to more widespread acceptance of hearing aids so people feel empowered to take control of their hearing health."

Nearly 40 per cent of Canadians have experienced tinnitus in the past year, according to Statistics Canada. For many it can be a source of distress affecting areas such as mood, concentration, anxiety, and sleep. A study on the efficacy of Widex Zen Therapy has shown that the use of hearing aids with Zen fractal tones as part of tinnitus management can induce relaxation and reduce tinnitus distress, awareness, and annoyance (Source: Balslev 2017).

Widex Moment Sheer also includes a refined design philosophy compared to previous Widex Moment models. Every Moment Sheer hearing aid, charger, and jewel case, along with the popular accessory ? TV Play ? has a premium design ensuring that every product looks as good as it sounds.

"Just like our audiological and engineering philosophies, our design approach is focused on delivering great user experiences," said Enika Petro, Brand Manager for Widex Canada. "An unwillingness to compromise means we design everything with a level of craftsmanship, quality, and excellence that you can not only hear, but also clearly see and feel."

The ground-breaking Widex PureSound technology, available in all Widex Moment hearing aids, features two distinct signal processing pathways ? a "classic" version and a new ZeroDelaytm Accelerator pathway that dramatically changes how hearing aids sound. This addresses some users' objections that hearing aids can sound "tinny" and unnatural.

"We know that people's first experience with hearing aids sets the direction for their journey to better hearing," said Marcoux. "A negative experience can leave them wondering if they were right to try a hearing aid at all, but a positive one can make them feel more connected to their lives than they have for years."

About Widex

At Widex we believe in a world where there are no barriers to communication; a world where people interact freely, effortlessly and confidently. With sixty years' experience developing state-of-the-art technology, we provide hearing solutions that are easy to use, seamlessly integrated in daily life and enable people to hear naturally. As one of the world's leading hearing aid producers, our products are sold in more than one hundred countries, and we employ 4,000 people worldwide.

Media contact: Angela Pinzon, Pilot PMR, angela.pinzon@pilotpmr.com, 647-295-0517

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