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FUJIFILM Holdings Named to CDP "A List" for Leadership in Climate Action and Water Security

TOKYO, Dec. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TOKYO, December 13, 2022 --- FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation (President and CEO, Representative Director: Teiichi Goto) today announces that the Company is named to the prestigious annual "CDP*1 A List," for its leadership in climate action and water security.

CDP, originally known as Carbon Disclosure Project, is a global non-profit organization that surveys corporate climate action, water resource management and forest preservation on behalf of more than 680 institutional investors, with approximately 18,700 companies responded to the survey. The results of this survey are also used in the world's leading Socially Responsible Investment Index (SRI Index), which evaluates corporate activities from an ESG (environment, society, and governance) perspective.

Teiichi Goto, president and CEO, representative director of FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation said, "We are delighted that FUJIFILM Holdings has been named as an "A List" in both climate change and water security. Since clean water and air are essential for the manufacturing of photographic film, which is the starting point of the Fujifilm Group, environmental conservation is fundamental to our business activities. We will continue to contribute to society through proactive efforts such as decarbonization, conservation of water resources and reduction of waste in cooperation with local communities and government to resolve environmental issues around the world."

Under Fujifilm's corporate social responsibility (CSR) plan "Sustainable Value Plan 2030," the Fujifilm Group is working on addressing climate change and natural resource recycling including water. Fujifilm has set a target of "reducing water usage of the entire Fujifilm Group by 30% compared to FY2013 level" and is working to conserve water resources through efficient water use and wastewater treatment within its manufacturing plants.

In addition, Fujifilm has set a target of reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the entire product lifecycle*2 by 50% by the fiscal year ending March 2031 (FY2030) compared to FY2019 level in line with the 1.5°C target set in the Paris Agreement. To achieve this goal, Fujifilm has launched the Fujifilm Group environmental strategy "Green Value Climate Strategy" to manufacture with a lower environmental impact and to create products and services that offer excellent environmental performance. Fujifilm has also introduced internal carbon pricing as one of the indicators as a consideration for future investment decisions to accelerate the implementation of these measures.

Fujifilm's accomplishments towards decarbonization and water resource management:

  1. CDP is a global non-profit that drives companies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, safeguard water resources and protect forests. Working with over 680 institutional investors with assets of US$130 trillion, CDP promotes companies to disclose and manage their environmental impacts. FUJIFILM Holdings is not subject to CDP surveys on forest preservation because it does not run businesses related to agricultural commodities such as timber, palm oil, cattle and soy.
  2. "Procurement" of raw materials, "manufacture," "transportation," "use," and "disposal" of products.
  3. When saving 100PB (petabytes) of data for ten years, storing it on magnetic tape generates 95% less carbon dioxide emissions (approx. 2,400 tons) during the storage than doing so on HDD. (Source: Brad Johns Consulting, LLC "Improving Information Technology Sustainability with Modern Tape Storage")


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