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Our Military Kids Expands Grant Program to Include PACT Act Presumptive Conditions

Children of combat-injured Veterans with illnesses related to burn pit toxic exposure are now eligible to receive Our Military Kids activity grants.

OAKTON, Va., Feb. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Our Military Kids® (OMK), a national nonprofit providing extracurricular activity scholarships to military children and teens, has expanded its eligibility criteria to include children of post-9/11, combat-injured Veterans with a VA individual disability rating of 30% or higher who are receiving treatment for a presumptive condition outlined in the SFC Heath Robinson Honoring Our Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics (PACT) Act.

Children of Veterans with PACT Act presumptive conditions are now eligible to receive Our Military Kids activity grants.

"The PACT Act is crucial for our Veteran community to seek the healthcare they need as a result of service to our country," said Kara Dallman, OMK Executive Director and U.S. Navy Veteran. "We are grateful to be able to offer their children a positive outlet during an extremely stressful time in their young lives."

Since 2008, OMK has awarded more than 10,000 activity grants to children of combat-injured service members. This week, OMK awarded the first two activity grants of this program expansion to the children of a Veteran with a medical condition caused by toxic exposure while deployed in 2005.

"It's changed our lives in a lot of ways, but we try to make the best of it," said their mother. "Getting involved in [their activities] challenges them and puts them in a place where they feel successful."

Julian, 17, is funding an exclusive percussion group with his OMK grant to advance his skills and pursue his passion for music, which has been "a great emotional outlet." Faith, 12, is using her OMK grant to cover swim team fees, keeping her active and connected to friends and mentors.

"I really appreciate that OMK has approved this [program expansion]," she said. "It's not just us. There are a lot of families in our situation, just waiting for support."

For more information and to apply, please visit ourmilitarykids.org.

About Our Military Kids®

Our Military Kids recognizes the sacrifice of children of deployed National Guard, deployed Reserve, or post-9/11, combat-injured service members or Veterans by offering extracurricular activity grants that build children's self-confidence, enhance family wellness, and strengthen a shared sense of community. Since 2004, OMK has given more than 80,000 activity scholarships worth $31 million. Learn more at ourmilitarykids.org.

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