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MIAMI, Feb. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Goya Foods, through its Goya Gives global initiative, partners with Global Empowerment Mission (G.E.M.) to send ongoing shipments of food to the people of Turkey in response to the desperate cries of earthquake victims in Malatya. G.E.M.'s Miami headquarters is consolidating donations from around the country, and Goya's Florida and Texas facilities with daily shipments of food, water, and humanitarian aid to Turkey. 

Goya Foods partners with Global Empowerment Mission (G.E.M.) to send ongoing shipments of food to Turkey.

"Our hearts and prayers go out to the over 19,000 victims, their families, the first responders, and the people of Turkey in this historic disaster. Michael Capponi, Founder of G.E.M. was already on the ground within 48 hours in Turkey when we received his call for help. Although we always respond to crises around the world, this is especially heartbreaking due to the sheer number of souls lost," said Bob Unanue, President and CEO of Goya Foods.

Through Goya Gives, Goya is always at the forefront of natural disasters and humanitarian relief efforts, donating millions of pounds of food each year in the United States and worldwide. 

To learn more about Goya Gives, please visit: www.goya.com

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